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Are you an interpreter based in Europe? Is English not your first language? Would you like to reflect on your work?

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If that is true for you, please continue reading this blog. Perhaps you are working as an interpreter for many years already. Something inside you nudges you towards wanting to grow. You would like to develop yourself as a professional and as a person. You would like to receive inspiration. From somewhere. You've heard about 'reflection' but you are not sure whether that is helpful for you, in your country, in your context.

Why reflect on who I am as an interpreter?

Every interpreting situation is different. You make choices during the day depending on the assignment, the people present, the duration of the job, the day or moment, your own mood, your reaction on the emotional tone of others, your experience, the connection you feel with your team interpreter, etc.

Most of the time you are working solo. You are your own instrument. Many thoughts, feelings and responsibilities happen inside you. Your inner world is much richer than others can see while you are working. The richness of what is going on inside you, in combination with the complexities of an interpreting situation, is worth to be looked at. To explore. To value. In order to grow. To develop. As a professional and as a person. Because you cannot let yourself stay at home while you are working, can you?!

Practical details

As a sign language interpreter and professional supervisor, I would like to support you in your professional journey. I would like to meet you online, every two weeks. In a one-to-one session or in a small group with 2 or 3 interpreters. In about 10 online meetings, we are going to journey together. In a reflective way. English is not my first language. If that's the case for you as well (ánd you were able to read this blog ;-) ) we will find each other in using our language creativity.

Read Rozalia Founta's experience with online supervision:

Participating in supervision sessions with a supervisor/interpreter from another country was an enlightening and transformative experience. This decision proved to be profoundly beneficial both personally and professionally.

Lianne’s sunny disposition has been a real boost to morale, creating a positive and motivating work environment. Her impartiality meant that feedback was free from any bias, which gave us a fresh perspective on interpreting practices and encouraged us to explore new methodologies and strategies.

Working with a supervisor from a different background exposed me to a variety of interpreting techniques and approaches that I had not encountered in the Greek interpreting community. The sessions emphasised critical self-reflection. I learned to systematically dissect my interpretations, identifying areas of strength and aspects needing improvement. As a result, I redefined the way I operate as an interpreter.

The new tools and perspectives gained have not only enhanced my interpreting abilities but also enriched my professional journey. I am convinced that interpreters across Europe can benefit immensely from engaging in similar supervision trajectories. An interpreter with a different background and knowledge can open your horizon and help you find new ways of expression, thinking and ultimately vision.

This incredible route is an absolute must-do with Lianne!

Rozalia Founta, Greece

Lianne Nap

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